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TIDE.1 Rise & Fall

Welcome to Micronautics!

We were the first to develop and sell tide prediction software. For over twenty years our software has been available to the military, to the maritime industry, to scientists as well as to fisherman and sailors.

In 1985 we launched TIDE.1 Rise & Fall with tide coverage around the entire United States. A year later, we followed up with TIDE.2 Ebb & Flow, a companion product which did the same for tidal current prediction. In 1987 we covered all of Canada and by 1990 we had coverage for the entire world.

Call us at 207-518-8433 and get your updates for TIDE.1 Rise & Fall, TIDE.2 Ebb & Flow or WorldTIDE.

Ask us for a quotation for any tide projects you might have such as harmonic analysis, multi-year predictions and statistics, expert witness representation.

Jim Mays, PhD

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